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13_dog-love-photosChristian Books – Donna Louis – The Living Gift! Well the big day is over and Santa Claus has come and gone. Now stage two begins, the returning and exchanging of gifts. There are all types of gifts:  clothes, electronics, jewelry, appliances, etc., but there is also the living gift. Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Living Gift.

This is the time of year when you see all types of commercials telling you to adopt a pet. Advertisements for the ASPCA, but there are other shelters as well. The pictures of the dogs and cats look so adorable, and then there are the benefits. Having a companion that will love you no matter what. The health benefits of keeping your blood pressure normal when you pet and stroke your four-legged companion. Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Living Gift.

These are the living gifts that require responsibility. They are not an article of clothing that you can just return or exchange at the store. When you adopt an animal or decide to give one as a gift remember, they are a lifetime responsibility! They require food, water, shelter, healthcare, and above all LOVE. You cannot just decide to take a sick day here and there and just ignore them. Above all you cannot just decide you can’t be bothered anymore and put the animal out, they have feelings too. Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Living Gift.

So at this holiday season be mindful and remember the living gift is no ordinary gift! Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Living Gift.

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Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Writer’s Oscar

Trophy_Oscar1Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Writer’s Oscar. Lights, Camera, Action!

Actors spend countless hours refining their theatrical skills in hopes of one day holding a tiny golden statue in their hands in front of their peers.

Writer’s do the same thing. Writer’s hone their skills via articles, manuscript submissions, blogs, contests, etc., in hopes of being recognized as a great writer.

I have just been blessed to have that title bestowed upon me as well as 49 other writers. Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Writer’s Oscar.

As a writer nowadays the competition is mind boggling due to the staggering amount of books released ever year. As an unknown new author it is extremely challenging to rise above the pack, but faith can move mountains. Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Writer’s Oscar.

50 writers including myself have just been chosen by the public out of hundreds of writers from “The” to be included in a book titled “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading”, which will be available for purchase starting January 2016. This book has been called the “People’s Choice Award” for writers.

First I want to thank GOD for this miraculous blessing. I want to thank everyone who voted for me because this is a tremendous honor. I feel very humbled as a first time author to have been chosen as one of these writers. I am very pleased with this accomplishment and my seal.

I am currently working on my second book, and I invite everyone to follow my blogs on my website; Christian Books – Donna Louis – The Writer’s Oscar.

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He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. – Job 5:9 SealLargeJPG